About the history of Römerhof

Built in the year 1567 as house ‚to liberty’ and renamed at the beginning of the 20th century to ‚Römerhof’ the name reminds about the Roman ‚Arbor felix’.

The house was used as from 1736 as reformed school, after 1834 as secondary school. Towards the end of the 18th century, the linen cloth trade was thriving in Arbon. Thus prosperity aroused that allowed in 1781 the renovation and in 1784 the integration of the city walls and the corner tower into the house ‘of liberty’. The industrial boom and the growth of population until 1870 caused shortage of space and resulted in the construction of the promenade school. In 1872, the house ‘to liberty’ was sold to the private sector and inside a clothes shop was run until a new acquirer opened in 1904 a restaurant called ‘Römerhof’.

To give the two city gates a better protection the people from Arbon were entitled in 1798 by the government from Thurgau to take two canons from the abbey of Fischingen. Later on, they received the location of today.

In 1920, the Bürgergemeinde bought the ‚Römerhof‘ and built inside the historic museum and the citizen museum. In 1935 and 1968, broad renovations took place and the conformation of the restaurant to conditions at that time.

In close collaboration with the cultural heritage preservation, the «Römerhof» experienced in 1997/1998 a thorough restoration where the substantially precious components of the original form were kept. On top of the modernized restaurant are today stylish and contemporary hotel rooms. The guests are warmly welcomed to enjoy all comforts of a modern guesthouse at the ‘Römerhof’ and to feel at ease.