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Gastgeberpaar Dominique & Gerald Bergue

Your Hosts

Dominique & Gerald Bergue-Hunziker have been running the Römerhof with a lot of passion since April 2013.

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Dominique Bergue

Hotelière Dominique Bergue

Dominique Bergue, born in 1980 in St. Gallen and raised in Eggersriet, brings with her in-depth knowledge of the hospitality and hotel industry. She gained her first experience during her 2 years as a flight attendant at Swissair, during which she was on the move with the fleet around the world. This was followed by training as a qualified Hotelelière-Restauratrice HF / SHL at one of the best international hotel management schools, the Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne. Internships in various departments such as housekeeping, kitchen, service, reception and administration in various renowned establishments in Switzerland and abroad rounded off the 5-year training perfectly. This was followed by 6 years of work abroad in luxury hotel chains, where she specialized in front office management.

She has expanded her international experience at Hilton, Six Senses and Banyan Tree in the Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Maldives) as well as in China and most recently in Oman. After these years of hiking, the path led back to Switzerland with her husband Gerald Bergue with the desire to build something of their own in their homeland, in order to incorporate their experiences there.

Gerald Bergue

Küchenchef Gerald Bergue

Gerald Bergue was born in Malawi near South Africa in 1974 to Mauritian parents. He successfully completed his training as a chef in 1992 at the "Center Hospitalier des Casernes" in Mauritius.

He began his career as a chef in Mauritius as a commis de cuisine in the Shandrandi and Royal Palm hotels with the chefs M. Ekkebus and de Matheis.

In his career he had contacts with well-known chefs from all over the world such as Maitre Claude Davin, Paco Torranblanca, Santa Maria or Pierre Gagnaire, who inspired him.

This was followed by culinary trips all over the world: Mauritius, Japan, Oman, the Virgin Islands, Maldives, the Middle East and Seychelles. In these countries he got to know the various refined local cuisines and how to combine them with French cuisine.

Born in Mauritania, whose country is famous for its sunlit cuisine, he was appointed head chef of the luxury hotel chain Banyantree in 2005. Another highlight of his professional career was reaching the finals of the MENA Awards in Dubai for the renowned hotel chain Six Senses Resort & Spa in 2009.

These worldwide experiences and recognition have been stimulating him for some time to realize his dream of owning a small hotel and restaurant in Switzerland together with his wife (see edition OK Magazin in Dubai, 2007).

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