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From the history of the house

History of the historic Hotel Römerhof


Built in 1567 as the 'Zur Freiheit' house, the name, after it was renamed 'Römerhof' at the beginning of the 20th century, is reminiscent of the Roman 'Arbor felix'.

The house was made available by the community as a reformed schoolhouse from 1736, and from 1834 it also housed the secondary school. Towards the end of the 18th century, the linen trade flourished in Arbon. This created prosperity, which in 1781 allowed the renovation and in 1784 the incorporation of the city wall and the corner tower into the house 'Zur Freiheit'. The industrial boom and the associated increase in population up to 1870 resulted in an increasingly depressing lack of space and ultimately the construction of the promenade school house. In 1872 the house 'Zur Freiheit' was sold to private customers and a clothes shop was operated in it, before a new buyer opened the 'Römerhof' restaurant in 1904.

In order to put the two city gates of Arbon in a better state of defense, the people of Arbon were authorized by the Thurgau government in 1798 to fetch two cannons from the Fischingen monastery. They were later given the current location.

In 1920 the community acquired the 'Römerhof' and built the historical museum and the community library in it. In 1935 and 1968 extensive renovations took place and the inn was adapted to the conditions at the time.

In close cooperation with the preservation of monuments, the "Römerhof" underwent a careful restoration in 1997/98, during which, in particular, the substantially valuable components were left in their original form. Stylish, contemporary hotel rooms are now located above the modernized restaurant. The guests are cordially invited to enjoy all the comforts of a modern inn in the 'Römerhof' and to feel good!

Aussenansicht Römerhof
Altstadt von Arbon
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