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Grand Tour

A panorama trip through Switzerland

The Grand Tour of Switzerland combines the highlights of Switzerland on the most scenic route. Motorways are mostly avoided on the Grand Tour and are only used if it makes sense in terms of traffic.

Breathtaking four-thousand-meter peaks, lovely hilly landscapes, medieval cities, the roaring Rhine Falls - on the Grand Tour the sights are lined up like pearls on a string.
We put the most beautiful viewpoints along the route in the limelight for you.

The beautiful town of Arbon on Lake Constance is also on the route of the Grand Tour.


Napoleon Museum Arenenberg

The only German-language museum on Napoleonic history. The Arenenberg as a whole is a culture, seminar and education center with a horticultural tradition that goes back over 600 years.

Napoleonmuseum Arenenberg

St. Gallen Cathedral

The landmark of the city of St. Gallen is the St. Gallen monastery district with its baroque church, which was added to the list of UNSESCO World Heritage Sites in 1983, including the library and the monastery archive.

Kathedrale in St. Gallen


A - like apple.

The apple trail and a village route show how important fruit growing has been for the culture of Altnau for generations. 24 information boards with apple variety puzzles, jokes and questions provide useful information about the apple-growing region and the red-cheeked fruit. The three apple mascots Fredi, Lisi and Emma also appeal to children.

Apfelblüten in Altnau

Video road trip

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